Quick Reference Guides

IFR SOP’s – Presented to the Brackett Pilots IMC Club

This presentation discusses what are referred to among professional pilots as Standard Operating Procedures, or SOP’s. for short. This PPT addresses SOP’s and how they can be applied when flying IFR in general aviation airplanes, resulting in a safer operation. See how you can apply these to your flying!


PowerPoint Presentation – Loss of Control, a brief description

I created this several years ago to present to a group of pilots about one of the leading causes of accidents for general aviation pilots, that is, loss of control, or LoC! This is now on the NTSB’s Most Wanted List! It is urgently seeking a solution! What can be done to help prevent LoC accidents. This PPT presentation addresses that. And it is a good review of some of the basics of stick ‘n rudder skills.


Weather Basics, Wind and Weather

This is a PowerPoint Presentation that I prepared for an EAA Chapter, discussing and reviewing the basics of wind and weather, that affects ALL of us who fly. Enjoy!


IFR at Non-Tower Airports or Tower Not Operating

Have you ever flown into or out of a non-tower airport or when the tower is not operating? This handy reference will help you navigate these situations safely.