Cessna Flying in Mountains

Meet John Mahany

John Mahany
Master Certificated Flight Instructor
ATP/CE-50, LR-JET, N-B25, DC-3
FAASTeam Lead Rep, KLGB

Flying Professionally – Taking It Personally

I am an aviator – through and through. I have been flying for over forty years and am still passionate about sharing the exhilaration that comes from being at the controls. Every takeoff is still exciting, as a new adventure unfolds! Unlike some colleagues, who have become jaded or burned-out over-time, I still am not like that.

I am still an aviation enthusiast! I still have what might be called ‘beginners’ mindset’. I am still open to learning, and excited about flying and eagerly seek out new flying adventures, and new aircraft to fly. I want to learn the new and emerging technology, and pass along what I have learned, to other pilots. I am a pilot first, and an instructor second. I have to be able to do it myself, and understand it, to pass it on effectively through teaching and training.

With more than 9,500 hours of flying time, and wide-ranging experience, including: tailwheel, float-flying, gliders, radial engine, Alaska and mountain flying, turbo-props & jets, EFIS and Glass Cockpits, flying Experimental/Amateur (E/AB) aircraft, warbirds, and light sport/LSA. And because of my own curiosity, the thrill for me, in addition to the flying, is still what I see on the faces of those I instruct.

The science of flying continues to evolve – with new technology, and I try to stay on the leading edge of it, including all of the regulatory and safety details that most take for granted. There is never a dull moment in this business.

I would like more people to take advantage of my experience having flown more than 140 different makes and models of aircraft, as mentioned above.

I have trained pilots at all experience levels, from private pilots to seasoned airline veterans for domestic and international airlines, governments, corporations, and charter companies. I have also trained other flight instructors in classrooms, in the sky, and in highly sophisticated simulators. I am comfortable in the audience and while presenting at industry conferences. If you’d like to know how you can get ahead in the world of flying – just ask.