About Seaplanes – they are just plane fun (pun intended)!! I added my seaplane rating in September of 1991. I traveled to northern Michigan for this. It took 3 days, one day longer than normal because we had to wait for the weather and water conditions (waves) to improve. I flew a Piper PA-12, on floats, of course, and had a wonderful time! Because it is an ‘add-on’ rating, adding a different ‘class’ in FAA speak, we concentrated on water takeoffs and landings, not the ‘airwork’, no steep turns or stalls. The PTS (now ACS) does not require this.

Because you are on the water, you are also sharing water ways with boaters, who do not always appreciate ‘float planes’ on THEIR water. You HAVE to know and abide by the ‘rules of the water’. Water also has its’ own hazards, which you need to become familiar with. Water, like the air, is very unforgiving of careless or neglect. Here is a link to the Seaplane Pilots of America (SPA) which I am also a member of.