It started with

a dream of flying

It led to thousands of hours at the controls

I now help others experience

the thrills of piloting

Starting in April 2023, I will be doing exclusively IFR Training, at an accelerated pace, in YOUR airplane, to get you through the training, in 10 days or less!

I have a wide-ranging experience with:


INCLUDING some experimental (E/AB)…

I have been hired as a CFII by PIC, Professional Instrument Courses, with offices in Rocky Hill, CT. PIC focuses exclusively on IFR training, in YOUR aircraft. This is a course designed for busy professionals, who are also aircraft owners, for whom it is hard to find time to complete the training required for the instrument rating.

So, an instructor, like me, who is a long-time, experienced CFII, John Mahany flying a Learjet 35travels to YOUR location to work with you, one-on-one, in your airplane, using an FAA approved syllabus. This course is designed to get you through the training in as little as 10 days, training 8 hours a day.

So, yes, you will have to put work or other commitments temporarily on hold, or rearrange as necessary, to complete the training. It is intense, but for some busy professionals, this is the only way to complete the training required for the instrument rating.

It may be possible for you to complete the training in less than ten days if you have already started training but then things (life) got in the way, and the training has been put on hold or delayed for some reason. Or maybe your CFII has moved on to an airline or other flying job. PIC also has a desktop simulator that you will be using for the initial portion of the IFR training, to learn your scan and many other procedures, before getting into the airplane. This is very efficient and saves lots of time and money. You can start and stop a simulator at any time, for any reason.

PIC has been in business since 1980, so they have a system that WORKS! They have successfully trained 1000’s of instrument pilots in that time. I will be one of PIC’s instructors, based on the west coast, in Southern California.

If you want to work with myself as your instructor for your instrument rating, or for an IPC if your IFR currency has lapsed, please contact PIC and request me as your CFII. They will take it from there. Go to

My instructor qualifications:

  • 43 Years’ experience as a Certified Flight Instructor for Airplanes, Instruments, and Multi-Engine. ” I have flown many different makes and models of aircraft, including Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA).”   
  • FAA Gold Seal Instructor (80% of my students have passed their FAA checkrides on their first attempt)
  • 16 years at a FAR 142 School teaching the Cessna 300/400 series, King Air 90/100/200/B200 series, and Citation CE-500 series.
  • 7 Time Master CFI

What Others Say

John is a professional in every respect and brings the best of service and representation of his employer. Credentialed, enthusiastic and of high standards.

John is an OUTSTANDING instructor in all respects. Knows his stuff cold
and is able to impart that knowledge to his students both in the
classroom and sim. This is the third time I’ve worked with him when at
the facility and he consistently is excellent.

John Mahany has 35 years of experience flying professionally in Alaska and across the US.  Anyone, that truly wants to understand weather, should spend time with him.  As a fellow Master Instructor, I often refer in-depth weather questions to him.

 Excellent Webinar.  The material you presented was worthwhile, interesting and informative.

John, Thank you for your input on last nights IMC meeting. I thought your comments and suggestions were right on the money. Obviously your knowledge and experience was well recognized.

Appreciate all you have done for the Club!