Tailwheel Training

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About tailwheel aircraft

Tailwheel aircraft are a FUN challenge!! (my opinion!) They DEMAND that you learn to properly use the RUDDER!! Or you may do a ‘ground-loop, if it gets away from you on the ground!’  How many pilots of piston engine aircraft DON’T properly use the rudder?? Far too many, in my experience as a CFI!! Takeoffs and landings become more of a ‘fun’ challenge, especially with some wind.

I am now available to provide tailwheel instruction, in YOUR airplane.

My Cessna 180 is NOT insured for this. So, I would have to be listed on your policy as additionally insured.

You will learn to ‘dance’ on the controls as you fly, to stay properly ‘coordinated’, keeping the ‘ball’ centered. You will also become good at ‘slips’ to a landing, because some tailwheel aircraft do not have flaps.

Flying tailwheel aircraft does not require an additional ‘rating’, but a logbook endorsement IS required. Unless you have prior experience flying tailwheel aircraft before April 15, 1991.

I learned to fly a tailwheel aircraft in 1979 shortly after earning my Private Pilot Certificate. I am now in a 4-way partnership in a 1953 Cessna 180, which is a lot of FUN to fly!! This keeps me tailwheel current!

Tailwheel Training

Below is a list of tailwheel aircraft that I have flown – and the time in each.

J-3 Cub                                    1.5 hours
J-5 Cub                                    1.3
PA-12                                     25.9
PA-18                                     17.7
PA-20                                       1.0
BC-12D                                  15.1
Aeronca Champ                       1.6
8KCAB                                    23.1
7ECA                                         8.4
8GCAA                                 215.0
7KCAB                                      6.2
7GCBC                                     3.7
Maul M7                                    1.1
C170B                                       0.5
C172 Texas Tail Wheel              0.9
C180                                     287.0
C185                                         9.8
Stinson 108                             1.0
Aviat Husky                           1.0
DHC-2 Beaver                       24.3
RV-6                                          4.1
CE-175 w/ Horton
STOL Conversion                   6.5
Wilga                                        0.3
Kitfox                                       0.5
Lockheed Electra 12A           1.5

Total Tailwheel                658 hours