Flying Circus photos at Falbob airport

Annual ‘Flying Circus’

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, I flew myself and 3 friends to Flabob Airport (KRIR), which is a privately owned airport located in Riverside, California, 38 NM east of Long Beach, as the crow flies. The occasion was the 3rd annual ‘Flying Circus’, which is really an open house, and many antique and vintage aircraft were on display.

This is not an airshow. There are some ‘unofficial’ low fly-bys’, and the traffic pattern was full most of the morning with a variety of aircraft. Officially, all of the aircraft are on ‘static display’. The airports ‘diner’, Flabob Café had a steady flow of diners’ as there was a really good turnout for this. Also, EAA Chapter 1, which calls Flabob Airport home, also hosted its’ own pancake breakfast for the occasion.

It was a fun morning spent with the camaraderie of fellow aviators, as well as being a brief step back to the roots of aviation…as many of the aircraft on display were built during the 1920’s and 1930’s.