john Mahany aerial photo above 15/91 interchange

Flying to Breakfast

On Saturday morning, May 23, 2015, I flew to the Riverside, CA, airport (KRAL) for breakfast in my Cessna 180, with several other friends, who also have airplanes based at Long Beach, CA. (KLGB). It is a short, 20 minute flight east of Long Beach.

On this particular Saturday morning, the weather was marginal VFR, with ceilings 2,500’ to 3,500’ and visibilities were typically 5 miles or greater. This photo was taken at about 2,000’ as I was just northeast of the 15/91 interchange. It was a smooth ride with little turbulence, as might be expected under these conditions.

Breakfast at Dee’s Restaurant was good…as was the camaraderie. A good time was had by all.