Photos from planes of fame air museum airshow 2015

Planes of Fame Air Museum – 2015

During the first weekend in May, 2015, the Planes of Fame Air Museum, in Chino, California, held its’ annual airshow. This year the crowd was estimated at 30,000 on Saturday and Sunday. I attended this year, after not attending for a few years. The day started out with the typical southern California coastal overcast, but by mid-morning the skies had cleared and we had an airshow! There were nearly 50 aircraft flying throughout the day, ranging from WWII aircraft to the F-22 Raptor, the newest tactical fighter in the Air Forces arsenal. Also performing was Clay Lacy’s Learjet Demonstration as well as Sean D. Tucker-Team Oracle Aerobatics. Many aircraft were on static display as well. When aircraft were not flying their aerial demonstrations, many of the veterans were recounting their courageous stories of war-time service to our country.